A selection of videos I filmed and edited on board the Greenpeace Rainbow Warrior during an investigation of Pacific tuna fisheries in the period of July - September 2015. This material was also part of the series Ocean Warriors (Animal Planet) which won a Genesis Award for Best Documentary Television Series. 

Greenpeace Rainbow Warrior crew discovers and boards an illegal Taiwanese longline fishing operation. The vessel was found on the high seas in waters near Papua New Guinea. An alternate version of this piece ran on The Guardian website.

Paul Hilton is a Bali-based conservation photographer who sailed with us on the Rainbow Warrior. He was featured in the film Racing Extinction.

Part of a series of videos we did with Lauren Reid, food writer based in the US. In the video, we see the onboard working conditions and fishing practices through Lauren's eyes. This video was originally distributed through thedailymeal.com

Matt Stoios, Australian helicopter pilot on the Rainbow Warrior. 

A brief profile of Angelo Muscos, second mate of the Rainbow Warrior. 



A text-based teaser introducing the Greenpeace Rainbow Warrior's Pacific tuna investigation. 

This video was meant to convey the incredible difficulty of finding outlaw fishing vessels amidst the vastness of the Pacific Ocean, AND all the tools Greenpeace used to accomplish just that. Expedition leader Karli Thomas and oceans campaigner Langi Toribau are featured. 

Profile of the multi-talented Adhon Canarila.